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Bassdash Astro Sure Grip Fingerless Gloves

Bassdash Veil Camo Chest Stocking Foot Waders Breathable and Ultra Lightweight Bassdash Astro Sure Grip Fingerless Gloves Bassdash V02 Polarized Anglers Sunglasses
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Constructed from 4 way stretch fabric, microfiber leather, neoprene and spandex; Breathes on the hot days to keep your hand cool and dry

The heavy-duty construction and the double-layered microfiber leather palm and fingers help provide outstanding grip for tracing line and handling slippery fish as well as protecting wet hands from razor sharp gill rakers and fin spikes

Ideal for adding extra grip when casting on wet days or when the wave action just won’t give you a chance to dry out

Our hands are always exposed to the sun when we’re fishing - the Astro Gloves will keep your hands protected from dangerous UV rays

Extremely lightweight with a hugging fit, ensuring you are always comfortable wearing the gloves for extended periods, with all the dexterity you require for handling fish and equipment

User-friendly finger length design - 1/2 thumb/ring/little finger length & 3/4 forefinger/middle finger length - protects your hands and fingers while still providing a good level dexterity for items that are difficult to handle in chunky gloves

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