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Megabass i-WING TRIPLE FRY 80mm 14g Floating Lipless Winged Hard Bait

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Introducing the TRIPLE FRY, a new addition to the popular i-WING series that has taken bass fields across the world by storm. The tougher the conditions, the more TRIPLE FRY will showcase its mystical fish-catching performance. The super thin pair of baitfish wings possess a unique flexibility, making lifelike delicate and seductive waves with dead slow retrieves.

The rolling dance of the main body combines with the jointed float tail and wings to create the illusion of panicked baitfish struggling at the surface in an enticing bait ball. The slower you reel it in, this unprecedented panic bait will trigger an increasingly powerful chain reaction of explosions on the water’s surface.

The ultra-thin, molded left and right baitfish wings create a rolling crawl. Combined with the swinging float tail, it creates a "school" of multiple baits bouncing around on the water surface. It makes the silent surface of the water explode.

Equipped with LBO II (PAT.)

・The LBO system increases the maximum distance by 20%.
・Inertial impact created by ultra-low resistance weight
・Threatening action response for instant swimming
・The ball bearing contacts the inner wall of the lane and the weight moves instantly.
・World's highest level of durability to withstand over 100 million casts


1 pcs / pack


Length: 80mm
Weight: 14g, 1/2oz
Type: Top Water/Floating
Made in japan
Hook: #4x2 pcs

Features of I WING FRY

* The i-WING FRY inherited the i-WING pedigree that swept the world's field, the strongest feather thing in history.
* It was secretly developed by Ito Engineering, led by Yuki Ito, as a top secret that makes Cleverfish bite in one shot Finally.
* In the shallow area, which has been captured with shallow cranks and spinner baits, the destructive power that invites the target to the surface layer and explodes the water surface is overwhelming just by winding it for free.
* The mobile center of gravity has been considered impossible for feathers due to the principle of crawl action, but AITIO has created a unique format and succeeded in incorporating the center of gravity movement.
* LBO moves the newly-conceived aerodynamic body specially designed by Yuki Ito for FRY by analyzing the “power points” and “action points” created by the center of gravity teleportation system “LBO” according to various assumed actions.
* The center axis of the body and the roll action center axis of the body are synchronized. * * * * * * Ingenious designing, which is similar to hovering boats with even higher levitation, has created a new character next to POPX as his own virtual fish.
* The LBO “shaft bearing balancer” that acts with the neodymium magnetic field and synchronizes with the lure’s attitude change is
(1) “instantaneous movement”
(2) “appropriate falling attitude just before landing to restore the LBO at the fastest speed”
(3) “instant magnetic deposition” Brings “fixed”.
It demonstrates an amazing directivity response that starts the action immediately from the same time as landing, which was not possible with conventional feathers, and makes the target at the landing fall point the fastest bite.

* I-WING even for the operation of slightly packing line slack FRY responds immediately and generates an action. It keeps moving and invites the target.
* Overturning the common sense of feather monoluers, long distance castability that does not even have a headwind expands the productive area to a wider and wider area, which was not possible until now.
* What’s more, the body that pursues hydrodynamics demonstrates amazing stability that the action does not collapse at all even with ultra-high speed retrieve that may jump out of the water surface from ultra slow retrieve.
* Even in rough conditions with white waves, it will continue to swim in all rough water conditions.
* You can catch it for free, but shaking causes writhing action and slight vibration.
* If you twitch, you can show off the table turn and wing splash to the left and right like a pencil bait.
* The i-WING FRY is a feather that produces even the finesse impact of eating “insect lures”.

I-WING FRY is a top secret of Megabass engineers to catch clever fish by appealing in shallow area.
Just normal retrieval makes an outsanding performance to gather fish.
Megabass LBO system realized the amazingly long castability, that is a big advantage of using the surface baits.
Great action continues from slow moving to fast moving, and even wavy condition.

* Defying preconceptions of winged lures, and dismissing headwinds as irrelevant, the long-distance castability maximizes and amplifies productive areas like no lure of its class.
* On top of that, the tuned hydrodynamic body is equally in control on extremely slow retrieves and on faster retrieves liable to come tearing through the surface, demonstrating incredible stability.
* This is a lure that keeps on swimming, adapting to whitecaps and all manner of rough surface conditions.
* Simply reeling in the lure will catch plenty of fish, but shaking introduces wobble action and subtle undulation.
* Little twitches will produce the side-to side rotation or splash action seen with pencil bait.
* If you're looking for a winged lure that has the finesse and impact on bite chance of worm lures, look no further than the i-WING FRY.

History of MEGABASS

The birth of Megabass in the U.S. is the stuff of legend, involving a cross-country trek in the early 90’s, in which the Megabass designer/CEO Yuki Ito challenged pro staff of local stores and area pros to one-on-one fishing duels. The rules were simple: if Yuki Ito won, the store had to buy his lures; if the U.S. angler won, then Yuki had to buy local tackle from the store. This “put your money where your mouth is” approach, combined with the quality and flat out fish-catching ability that was evident in Yuki’s handcrafted Megabass equipment, succeeded in convincing stores to take on this premium imported tackle.

Today Megabass still embodies that daring spirit. Each product is a painstaking marriage of handmade form and technological innovation. Megabass strives to capture the same care, quality, and attention to detail embodied by the handmade tradition. In a modern age dominated by CAD and mass production, every Megabass lure is based on a hand-carved Yuki Ito original. Each stage of the development process is closely monitored with exacting quality controls to ensure that the mechanical process of production does not whitewash the integrity of the original.

Little has changed since Megabass’ birth in a garage in 1986 at the hands and ideals of Yuki Ito. Today Megabass continues this tradition of innovation, quality, and custom handicraft, never losing sight of the angler’s hands for which each Megabass® product is painstakingly made.

Formed in 2013, Megabass of America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Megabass, Inc., and is responsible for brand strategy, product development, sales, and marketing in North America, and sales and business development in Central America, South America, and Africa.