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Truscend TM006-G LED Electronic Rechargeable Vib Jerkbait Lure

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1.Awesome 45° Suspending Minnow

TRUSCEND has innovated the traditional Minnow, maintaining the original shape of shad, adding special a luminous LED and vibration design, creating a unique Robotic Twitching Fishing Lures, dedicated to every ambitious fishing enthusiast.

2.Highlights of TRUSCEND Robotic Twitching Fishing Lures:

  • Vibrating LED Jerkbait

  • Mustad Ultra Sharp Hooks

  • American Smart Chip

  • Reserved Hook Ring

  • 12h Working Time

  • USB Rechargeable

3.The advantages of our Minnow have the following points:

  • A versatile Minnow that you could twitch, jerk, pause and rip it.

  • Produce a widely erratic darting action and large vibration.

  • Delivering long distance casting capabilities and a distinct acoustic pitch that drives bass wild.

  • The lure has an inclination of 45° when it enters the water. It can stop at any appointed water layer you want.

Vibrating LED Jerkbait

The Jerkbait vibrates and makes a buzzing sound underwater, attracting fish's attention, which has a better lure effect. Especially suitable for fishing curiosity fish, predatory fish, and bottom holding fish.

American Smart Chip

American original built-in smart chip, with pressure sensing system and intelligent pressure sensing ability, sensing whether the robotic fishing lures is underwater, intelligently emitting light and vibrating.

Rechargeable Electronic Lure

The rechargeable fishing lure supports charging with plugs, and it can also be charged with a portable charging device like laptop, car through USB cable, which is convenient for you to fish outdoors.

12h Working Time

After charging for 2.5 hours, the rechargeable fishing lures can work intelligently for more than 12 hours. Anti-creep proprietary technology protects charging unit and battery from saltwater exposure and corrosion. After charging up, you can enjoy whole day of fishing.

Mustad Ultra Sharp Hooks

The Mustad Treble Hooks feature a standard wire diameter and standard shank length. The hook tip is superbly crafted, and the high-carbon steel ensures that the spikes stay sharp to pierce the fish. The ultra sharp hooks are double-layer tin plating, which are more corrosion of sea water.

Reserved Hook Ring

The electronic lure is designed with three rings. We reserve a hook ring in the middle, and you can install the hook according to your needs. Longer casting, stronger vibrating and more complex jerking action will easier after installing the middle hook.

  1. The vibrastrike flash and twitching systems will start to work after 3 seconds in the water.

  2. It will be vibrastrike flash and twitching twice every 10 seconds to attract the big fish attack, which exhibits a tantalizing head down posture that invites big fish to an easy meal.