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Winter Thermal USB Heated Pants

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1、Hot Areas: There are 6 hot areas: 1 back waist, 1 abdomen, 2 knees and 2 ankles. The warmth of the abdomen can effectively resist the attack of cold wind, and the warmth of the knees can effectively relieve the coldness of the legs and leg discomfort. Waist heating zone, lumbar warmth can effectively relieve lumbar spine cold, lumbar discomfort, etc.

2、Carbon Metal Fiber: Carbon metal fiber heats up, the heating area is large, and the temperature can be as high as 65℃ in 30 seconds through the carbon fiber thread.

3、Temperature Control: Three-level temperature control, intelligent temperature adjustment, you can adjust the temperature at will. The high temperature of red light is about 55-65℃. The temperature of white light is about 45-55℃. The low temperature of blue light is about 38-45℃. Long press for 3-5 seconds to start or close.

4、Elastic Fabric: The fabric is elastic, comfortable to the touch, soft and comfortable to wear, the fabric is environmentally protective and does not fade, the elasticity is large, and the hand feels comfortable. It can be worn inside or worn alone.

5、Waterproof Power Interface: Without fear of washing, remove the battery, the power interface is insulated and waterproof, and it can be washed and machine washed. It is recommended to use a laundry bag for machine washing. Opening instructions: long press the switch button for 1-2 seconds to start working. At this time, the red light is on and the work is High-temperature gear. When there is no manual intervention, it will automatically jump to gear 2 in 5 minutes and display the white light. The work is in the middle-temperature gear, and then manually press the switch to adjust to the low-temperature gear. At this time, the blue light is displayed, and then press to adjust to the high-temperature gear.



Name: Heating Pants

Material: 95% polyester fiber, 5% spandex

Size: see size chart

Packing size: about 40cm x 30cm x 5cm/15.75 x 11.81 x 1.97inch


1. Three-speed intelligent temperature control and temperature adjustment, rapid temperature rise of 65 degrees Celsius in 30 seconds.

2. The temperature can be adjusted at will.

3. The red light is high temperature, which is 55-65 degrees Celsius. The white light is medium temperature, which is 45-55 degrees Celsius. The blue light is low temperature, which is 38-45 degrees Celsius.

4. There are 5 front abdominal heating elements (1 heating element for the abdomen, 2 heating elements for the knees, and 2 heating elements for the ankles).

5. One piece of heating film (one piece on waist).

6.Use 5V/2A mobile power supply (not including mobile power).

7. Usage time: Take 10000mAh power bank as an example: The high temperature range can be used for about 4-6 hours. The medium temperature range can be used for about 5-6 hours. The low temperature range can be used for about 6-7 hours.

8. Washing instructions: Machine or hand , wash gently when washing.

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1 x Heated Pants